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Reasons to Contract with a Private Security Company in Houston

Facility managers and business owners have three choices when it comes to guarding their assets and people.

  1. They can rely on locks, alarms and other hardware to keep unwanted people out of their establishment.
  2. They can hire, train and manage their own security guard team.
  3. They can contract with a private security guard company.

There are pros and cons to each decision.

Benefits for relying on hardware:

  • Do not have to pay, manage or train security guards.


  • Hardware does not patrol, create evacuation plans, check IDs, enforce rules or any of the other duties of a highly trained security guard. They are great tools to help with security, but they are not a complete system without a highly trained security guard using them.

  • They risk becoming broken, overridden or vandalized, making them unreliable.

  • Large upfront cost to install hardware.

Benefits of Having an In-house Security Guard Team:

  • Security officers deter crime, create emergency preparedness plans and respond to emergencies.
  • You can choose who to hire, how to train guards and when to let them go.
  • In large companies, it might be cost-effective to handle your own security team.


  • If you don’t have a strong background in security, it is easy to overlook critical aspects of your security solution.
  • Many managers waste money in their security budget due to inexperience.
  • Hiring and managing a security guard team is time intensive.
  • You must learn industry standards for all aspects of security and safety.
  • You will be responsible for choosing, maintaining and replacing hardware.
  • If a guard gets ill or goes on vacation, it will be your job to find a replacement.
  • You will be legally liable for issues of security and safety.
  • It is rarely cost-effective for small and medium sized locations.

Benefits of Contracting with a Private Security Company, like Twin City Security in Houston:

  • Cost-effective for most locations.
  • We help reduce the legal liabilities of an unsecure location.
  • We hire, train and manage the security guards.
  • You can focus on building maintenance and other responsibilities.
  • You and the security officers can call the dispatch and monitoring system for support anytime.
  • We choose and maintain the technology we use.


  • There is a monthly expense. Owners of very small businesses may pool resources and the guard serves several adjacent properties.

Contract with Twin City Security in Houston to provide the best security solution

At Twin City Security in Houston (TCS-Houston) we retain close to 100% of our clients because of our superior service. There are many reasons Houston managers and owners love us. Here are several reasons you should call us first:

  • Our transition team will guide you through every step of the transition process.
  • Security officers like working for us. A low turnover rate and on-site training means the officers assigned to your location learn how you operate. This greatly improves your level of security.
  • You can choose a customized package to optimize your security budget. Many clients start with just needing an officer for extra support.
  • You get the assurance that every officer has received a thoroughly screening, training and taken an oath to a high standard of ethics.
  • Our free physical assessment will give you an idea of your security risks and next steps.
  • After experiencing our level of support and security you will ask yourself why you didn’t switch to us sooner.

Call us at 832‑328‑5156 for additional information regarding out private security options.

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