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Stay on Top of Fire Risks with Fire Watch Service

Twin City Security in Houston (TCS-Houston) offers fire watch services to help commercial operations reduce their risk of fire. We’ve served Houston since 1982 with reliable security services. That means we understand the local area and have built solid relationships with local governments and fire departments.

TCS-Houston works with each client to determine the risk of fire and the best safety protocol to fit your specific needs. Our fire watch services lower the threat of fire and provide a quick and strategic response in the event of a fire.

Fire Watch Service – A Solution for a Failed Fire Inspection

Most local government processes require regular fire inspections for commercial operations. Did you know that if you do not meet the requirements of the fire inspection, resulting in fire system failure or malfunction, you could face fines or a shutdown?

In this case, your business cannot operate unless you incorporate a fire watch solution. We offer on-site fire watch services to allow businesses to stay open. Thankfully, we can deploy trained fire watch professionals at a moment’s notice.

TCS-Houston provides fire watch services to help you avoid costly downtime for your business. We offer contracts to fit your specific needs, including emergency, short-term and long-term.

Do You Need Fire Watch Service?

We offer fire watch service to a variety of businesses in both commercial and residential industries. These include: industrial, manufacturing, hotels, multifamily housing, senior living communities and many more.

Circumstances Requiring a Fire Watch

  • Defective or inoperative alarm system
  • Faulty fire sprinklers
  • Loss of power
  • Shutdown of water supply
  • Presence of toxic or flammable materials

What Fire Watch Service from TCS-Houston Provides

When you contract with TCS-Houston for fire watch services, we watch over your property through regular patrols and monitoring. Our trained fire safety professionals check for signs of fire and risks of fire, like improperly stored flammables and gas leaks.

We also check exits to ensure the right doors are clear for emergency departures and that fire lanes remain clear for fire response vehicles. Plus, we confirm fire extinguishers and additional emergency equipment remain functional and current.

Having fire watch professionals on site to deter fires and ensure a quick response to emergencies provides peace of mind and government compliance. In the event of a fire, we initiate the right response while executing a rapid and safe evacuation.

The Right Fire Watch Patrols

TCS-Houston works with each client to create the right fire watch plan. This includes patrols of the property. Our patrols usually take place every 30 to 60 minutes based on the local requirements and your property’s risk level.

We monitor and patrol inside and outside your buildings, including unoccupied buildings as requested. We customize each contract to meet your needs. Our goal is both safety and client satisfaction.

Clients may combine fire watch services with other TCS-Houston security services, including concierge security, armed or unarmed security guards, construction security and commercial security services.

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