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Secure Your Houston Facility with Commercial Security Services

Commercial Security Service Houston

Twin City Security in Houston (TCS-Houston) offers commercial security services to industrial properties in the Houston Metro area. As a hub for oil production and one of the nation’s largest cities, Houston commercial operations need the right security services to guard your people and assets.

TCS-Houston provides contract security for a variety of clients, including oil companies, warehouses, manufacturers, distributors and more. We have the knowledge and experience to understand the unique requirements for each client. In fact, we offer customized contracts to match your detailed security needs.

What is Commercial Security Service for Houston?

Commercial security differs somewhat from other contract security services. Building security, concierge security and residential security primarily focus on safety procedures for people. While commercial security does address safety protocols for employees, visitors and vendors, it aims to guard assets and prevent losses from theft, damage or disasters.

We provide industrial security based on the state and local regulations. We also consider your site’s needs and specializations to create the right security plan for you. Commercial security from TCS-Houston includes a variety of functions designed to save you money by maintaining order, following safety procedures and minimizing losses.

Customized Commercial Security Solutions

Our goal with each client is to offer the security solutions specific to your safety needs. For example, we offer controlled access for warehouses with high value inventory. In addition, we understand the importance of fire prevention in factories using hazardous materials. Overall, we customize your contract to fit your site functions.

Loss Prevention of Inventory and Assets

Losses from damaged or stolen inventory and assets cost you money. We’re here to help avoid those losses with the right security measures.

  • Create controlled entry point access

  • Secure all docks and doors

  • Guard in-transit shipments and cargo

  • Emergency preparedness strategies for weather

  • Scrap escorts for audited disposals

Fewer Interruptions with Emergency Planning

Emergencies happen, but our highly trained guards respond quickly to maintain control to avoid interruptions to business operations.

  • Daily reporting of security activities and problems

  • Quick and effective reactions to alarms and safety issues

  • CCTV monitoring and video surveillance

  • Inspection of property systems, including lighting, alarms, sprinkler systems and HVAC

  • Respond to bomb threats

Site Perimeter Security Management

A controlled and monitored site perimeter offers the best defense against unwanted intrusions, including theft and vandalism.

  • Controlled access entry for employees, vendors and visitors

  • Varied intervals for property patrols, including entry points and truck docks

  • Review lighting, fencing and other safety features

  • Respond to safety violations

  • Monitoring and reporting of forced and unforced unauthorized site entry

Fire and Safety Response

Industrial fire safety matters to preserve life and property when a fire occurs. We offer the right training and response plan to minimize damage.

  • Administer first aid with CPR training

  • Fire extinguisher regulations and checks

  • Post Indicator Valve (PIV) checks

  • Safety protocols for hazardous material

  • Contain and clean up spills

  • Early response to fires

TCS-Houston – Commercial Security Services

TCS-Houston offers commercial security services to help save you money on losses while giving peace of mind. We have over 40 years of contract security service experience. We value our clients and strive to provide the best security services available.

Contact TCS-Houston to schedule a commercial security consultation for your Houston Metro facility.

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