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Twin City Security is the Houston Security Company Trusted to Protect People and Assets Since 1982.

At Twin City Security (TCS-Houston), we protect the people and property at government facilities, private businesses and public events of the Houston area. Facility managers, owners, and event coordinators consistently contract with us because we provide top notch security guard services, unparalleled customer service, and security solutions tailor made for every client.

Every industry and location has unique needs but some common security officer duties include:

  • Deterring crime like theft, vandalism, burglary and corporate espionage.

  • Managing entrance and egress access.

  • Patrolling the interior and exterior regularly and/or irregularly.

  • Responding to emergencies.

  • Monitoring closed caption television, CCTV.

  • Calmly handling conflicts among individuals.

  • Proactively preventing potential security problems.

  • Escorting individuals off the premises.

  • Generating reports of hazards and unusual activities.

  • Helping the public with information.

  • Recognizing and responding to a hazardous materials spill.

  • Checking safety alarms regularly.

Contracting with TCS-Houston Makes your Job Easier

Do you operate a business, manage a facility, or run a special event? If so, you have tremendous responsibilities. Our team focuses on keeping people safe and assets free from damage, so you can concentrate on other aspects of your job.

TCS-Houston is a Houston security company emphasizing high-quality security officers. Our management team provides clients with a network of support systems. These support systems take on the following responsibilities:

  • Supervising security officer performance, appearance, and professional development.

  • Offering consistent security assistance with frequent on-site visits.

  • Providing a smooth transition to TCS-Houston.

  • Researching industry specific security needs. This is critical for high tech companies, companies with sensitive information, and industrial plants.

  • Providing on-site training to new security officers.

  • Evaluating the physical property for potential security risks.

  • Writing reports and keeping logs.

  • Maintaining hardware related to safety and security such as: carbon dioxide detectors, door systems, locks, fire extinguishers, and defibrillators.

If you currently manage your own security team you may be concerned about job security for the security officers. Don't worry. We will hire officers who pass our background checks and successfully complete our training program and put them to work at your facility. They will be the same officers you know - only better trained and often happier. TCS-Houston officers get a competitive compensation package and the opportunity for advancement. The officers will thank you for making the change.

Get our Risk Assessment to Determine Your Needs

Prosperity and growth come with a special set of business challenges. As small and medium-sized businesses in Houston increase in value and personnel, they discover the need for having security officers. You know you need protection because having your business interrupted would be catastrophic. But do you know which factors present the biggest security risks and how to mitigate those risks? As an expert security company in Houston we evaluate threats from crime, carelessness, and natural disasters. If your facility is in the Houston area, let us provide a free assessment. We will come to your site, look at your facility, and analyze your greatest risks.

Using the assessment, our knowledge of your industry, and our experience of Houston, we will plan security solutions tailored to your site, industry, and budget.

Whether you need a single security officer, or a team of security officer, let us keep your clients, employees, and assets safe.

Call us today on 713‑952‑4003 to learn more about the no-risk assessment.

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