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Twin City Security in Houston Provide the Best Unarmed Security Guards

Unarmed Security Guard Houston At Twin City Security in Houston (TCS-Houston), we take pride in protecting people and valuables. An unarmed security officer does everything an armed security officer does, but does not carry or use a weapon. Unarmed security guards are less expensive than armed security guards because they do not need weapons training and permits. Insuring unarmed security officers costs less than insuring armed security officers. Facilities and events not in high risk categories get excellent protection using TCS-Houston unarmed security guards.

Houston Facilities Using Unarmed Security Guards

  • Schools

  • University Campus

  • Hotels

  • Motels

  • Residential communities

  • Warehouses

  • Construction sites

  • Malls

  • Retail shops

  • Office buildings

  • Vacant Properties

  • Industrial Plants

  • Apartment Buildings

Unarmed security officers do more than deter opportunistic crime like theft and vandalism. They keep the people safe by preventing emergencies. Their preventative duties include:

  • Keeping a fire watch.

  • Maintaining alarm systems up to date.

  • Checking IDs at entrances and/or exits.

  • Reporting any hazards or security threats.

  • Inspecting personal belongings when necessary.

  • Patrolling the interior and exterior at regular and/or irregular intervals.

  • Calming and separating people engaged in disputes.

  • Staying vigilant for unusual activities.

  • Creating evacuation routes and other emergency preparedness plans. A detailed plan reduces panic by giving each employee specific responsibilities.

  • Setting up routines and procedures related to safety and security.

If there is an emergency, such as flood or fire, the TCS-Houston officer's quick response may save valuable inventory and might even save a life.

At TCS-Houston we offer 3 levels of unarmed security guards

Level 1 is the most basic level and the least expensive. They deter property crime and do not interact much with the public. Level 2 officers have more experience and more training. They have moderate public relations skills and use more sophisticated technology. Level 3 officers are the most advanced and have extensive public relations training. Most events and public facilities use Level 3 unarmed security officers.

All three levels are well trained for the duties they perform. The management team helps our security officers perform at their very best.

You Don't Need to Make the Choice Alone

Every facility manager wants to get the best protection available for employees, guests and assets. But, we understand you have to work within a budget. Our expert security assessment team will analyze the location, industry, and clientele to evaluate the facility's risk factors.

We will help you understand if unarmed security officers are the most effective solution for the facility you manage or own. They are an excellent security solution for most Houston businesses. Although there is some expense involved, it is often offset with reduced insurance premiums. The biggest savings are the emergencies and crimes that never occur, or never escalate due to our officers' diligence.

When you call us, we will talk about your needs and set up a time to assess your facility or event venue.

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