Security Services Houston

Security Services Houston

Twin City Security in Houston Offers a Full Array of Security Services

To find the best security services in Houston, you must first understand your risks of various emergencies and crimes. When you call us we discuss your situation and security service options. Consider a few of the variables that affect your security needs.

Type of Industry

A gallery owner will be concerned about preventing property damage by theft and fires. A hotel manager will think about evacuation plans and how to maintain orderly conduct. A construction superintendent will want someone to prevent vandalism. The security guard team has different duties in each scenario. At Twin City Security in Houston (TCS-Houston) we have the manpower and the training to put together the ideal team of security officers for your industry.

We have experience with the following industries in Houston:

Every guard continues to get specialized training and oversight "in the field" to ensure that each client gets the particular protection needed.

Assets, Information, and Dangerous Items

Jewelry, pharmaceuticals, and cell phones fit in the pocket and have a high street value. If a store selling these items has a dishonest or careless employee, it can cost the owner thousands and thousands of dollars. Insurance will help some, but without a security officer your insurance premiums will be high.

Many businesses with research and development departments, or defense industries, must guard information from getting into the wrong hands. Every vendor must be carefully vetted and logged. Some places may restrict employees from bringing work items home.

Industrial plants often house flammable and toxic materials. They need redundant safety systems and evacuation plans to protect everyone in the case of a spill.

At TCS-Houston, we create customized security service plans to proactively prevent thefts, spills, fires, and other problems related to tools, assets, and inventory.


Everybody has different vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and potential to make poor choices. If your clientele has a lot people with mobility issues, your evacuation plans will have to include ways to overcome those obstacles. If your business is a target of robberies, you should consider the services of an armed guard. If your location has a lot of the general public coming and going, like a mall or train station, we will focus on public relation aspects of security services. TCS-Houston helps guide clients to decide what level of security guard will keep everyone safest.

Location and Physical Property

Crimes vary by neighborhood. At TCS-Houston we use the local history to advise you about the best security services and deterrents.

The facility also affects the type of security needed. Buildings with many windows and doors are easy to evacuate but difficult to restrict access. TCS-Houston includes a free assessment to evaluate a building's security problems.

Get Security Services Tailored to Your Situation

Consider TCS-Houston for any of these security services:

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