Armed Security Guard - Houston

Are You Thinking about Hiring an Armed Security Guard in Houston?

Armed Security Guard Houston Hiring an armed security guard in the Houston area is a not an easy decision. At Twin City Security in Houston (TCS-Houston), we help event planners, business owners, and managers make sound security decisions. Armed security guards are a necessary measure when there is a realistic potential for violence. We use several indicators to determine the threat level, including:

  1. Location of the event or facility

  2. Type of industry

  3. Emotional stability of people in the situation

  4. Presence of drugs and alcohol

  5. History of violence in previous events

Understanding Your Threat Level

Location: Burglary and robberies can happen anywhere, but they happen much more frequently in certain Houston neighborhoods. Give us a call to learn about the crime and violence in the neighborhood of a facility or event.

Type of Industry: Some industries have higher risk factors than others based on their hours, merchandise and clientele. Some high risk industries include:

  • Convenience Stores

  • Liquor Stores

  • Pharmacies

  • Jewelry Stores

  • Gas Stations

  • Electronics Stores

  • Banks/ Cash Advance Services

  • Pawn Shops

  • Businesses with highly classified information

We have experience protecting employees and patrons at high risk industries.

Emotional Instability: When people lose control of their emotions they often provoke people around them with physical and verbal taunts. This leads to fights and occasionally riots. This happens at events like political rallies and sports games. This can also happen in a workplace when someone is getting fired, harassed, charged with fraud, or during layoffs. TCS-Houston armed security officers deter fighting and provocation. If violence does erupt our guards know how to break it up and protect innocent bystanders.

Benefit of TCS-Houston Armed Security Guards

At TCS-Houston our armed security guards have gone through a thorough background check and an intensive training program. They are licensed, bonded, and insured in Texas for carrying a handgun and using force to detain criminals and threatening individuals. Armed security officers are trained to use force to keep innocent bystanders safe from violence, like a burglary or a fight.

Having an TCS-Houston Armed Security Guard Means Peace of Mind

At TCS-Houston we understand the emotional and financial toll of being the victim of violence or crime. We don't want anyone to experience that. Our armed security officers are trained to recognize, evaluate, and respond to threatening situations. They use tactics from our proprietary public relations training system to diffuse potentially violent situations. The mere presence of an armed security guard deters creates a risk for thieves and vandals they are unwilling to accept. They will just target a location without an armed security officer. However, some criminals, and highly agitated people, are not thinking rationally. Our expertly trained officers never use weapons unless absolutely necessary. Sadly, an armed response is sometimes the only effective response.

If you decide your facility or event needs armed security officer, make sure they are wearing the TCS-Houston badge. Anything less is too risky.

Call 713-952-4003 today to discuss if armed security is the best solution for your business.